My Self Was Reborn of the Union: A Poetic Contexture



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This project is, at its core, a contexture of poems. With a special attention to the structuralist elements of poetry, these 30 poems are divided into three sections which form an overarching narrative when evaluated in the specific order in which they have been placed. The critical introduction attached to the body of work chronicles the history of the project, and the major theories and poets which influenced its development. It spends a good deal of time discussing the importance of poem order within a collection, the concepts of the “contexture” or poetic “sequence,”and briefly examines the particular effect poem order has had on the scholarship and perception surrounding poet Sylvia Plath. It concludes with remarks about some theories of Art relevant to the project, and a discussion of each of the three sections of poetry individually. These discussions have been kept intentionally brief, in keeping with the theories presented in the project.



Poetry, Creative Writing, Philosophy of Art