An Uncommon Woman in Federal Law Enforcement



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For the past few years I have been increasingly interested in working with federal law enforcement agencies, particularly as a Special Agent. However, I have always felt too small and unfit for a rigorous and at times physically demanding job. This past summer I interned at the New England Drug Enforcement Administration Base (DEA) and I learned that no matter how small and intimidated you may be, if you work hard for what you want, anything is achievable. I worked primarily in the office of Task Force Two, an enforcement group based in Boston and its surrounding cities. When not working in tracking down street level criminals, I worked with the DEA Divergence department, where I worked on more white level drug dealing and misuse. Utilizing my critical thinking skills, my technology and computer skills, as well as my hard work ethic, I proved myself invaluable to the office. This internship was extremely impactful not only for my future career possibilities, but for my own self-confidence. There are so many jobs that are “male dominated”, but working with the DEA this past summer was eye opening in the sense that even as a 5’1 female, I am just as valued as a 6’5 man. Pursuing a career as a Special Agent does not mean that you have to be a stereotypical stature; it is actually the opposite. What so many young women like myself do not know is that these types of agencies, the FBI, DEA, and CIA, are looking for more diversity in all ways. So come to my panel and learn more about my experiences at the DEA and what it means to be a woman in federal law enforcement!