Missing Stories: Housekeepers at Mount Holyoke



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Missing Stories is the culminating project of a special major in multimedia journalism. The project focuses on three protagonists and has two parts: a magazine feature-length narrative nonfiction profile of one housekeeper and an audio documentary where two housekeepers tell their stories in their own words. The project began simply as an effort to explore and document an environment on campus in which the workers are largely invisible. Through the generosity of the participants with their time and stories, it has grown into a rich collection of reflections on various aspects of life. In sharing who they are, the three women will take you back through generations, across continents and into some of the most important moments of their lives.


To listen to the audio component of this thesis, please go to: www.missingstoriesmhc.tumblr.com


Journalism, Narrative Nonfiction, Documentary, Radio, Housekeepers