How Low-Income, Ethnic Minority Adolescents Make Possible Selves Real: The Role of Academic Self-Regulation Strategies



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Predictors of academic self-regulation were investigated in low-income, ethnic minority youth. Specifically, self-efficacy, instrumentality, the salience of proximal and distal academic possible selves and participation in structured youth programs were examined in a sample of 71 low-income, ethnic minority youth recruited from a community center for teens. Results demonstrated that self-efficacy mediated the relationship between two predictors, instrumentality and the salience of a proximal possible self, and the outcome variable, academic self-regulation. The salience of a distal possible self and participation in structured youth programming did not significantly contribute to a model of factors predicting self-regulation. Limitations and directions for future research are discussed.



possible selves, self regulation, ethnic minority, youth community organization, motivation