Painting Interiors: An Excavation of the Subterranean World


As an artist, I have a responsibility to dream. These dreams are often made up of fragments of my life experiences and observations. The ordinary scenes I experience daily, give rise to escapism that help soothe the rigid reality. My paintings depict my process of constructing a world we can not see. In the excavation of these subterranean environments, I imagine that when reality is dismantled, a space where our subconscious dwells is revealed. Interior spaces are sanctuaries for the restless mind. They stimulate the preciousness of a space through its storing capability and sheltering quality. Their willingness to be domesticated and personalized enables memories and emotions to exist. These spaces are the main motif and starting points of my work. Basing the interior architecture on real spaces I have encountered, I am able to mimic the sensation of lingering over banal objects in my paintings. This immersion into a virtual space permits an endless amount of possibilities bounded by the limits of oil paints. The interior rooms that were once confined by the pressures of reality, are thus liberated and transformed into spaces that harbor the subliminal thoughts of nostalgia and solitude. By closely observing the present reality and my past history, I have unearthed alluring resolutions that piece together images of a hidden world. By processing through layers of paint, my spaces are able to reach a level of transcendence that exist between reality and fiction. As a result, the creation of this amalgamated world challenged my understandings of architecture, time, and identity.



Studio Art, Painting, Architecture, Childhood Memories, Interior Spaces