CBL Project 2011-2012: Holyoke Community Land Trust (Fund Development)



Fund development project chart(s) for the Holyoke Community Land Trust, final version(s) as of 20 March 2012. The project was initially started in September 2011 as part of a Community Fellowship overseen by the Community Based Learning office at Mount Holyoke College. Tasks executed included general research for grants to support HCLT's planned expansion and housing programs; eligible grants were noted and further researched as displayed. This submission contains three charts: the (final) Fund Development Chart, a (discards) chart, and a (reject) chart. 'Discards' are grants/organizations which were initially screened and had their names recorded to avoid duplication of work; 'Rejects' are grants/organizations which were vetted closely but finally deemed ineligible for application. Upon completion of the CBL Fellowship in May 2012, the final product(s) of this project were turned over to HCLT's Fund Development Committee and Board of Directors for further action. - Submitted by Sharon W.H. Ling '12, ling20s@mtholyoke.edu, 22 August 2012


Housing & Shelter, Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy, Community Improvement & Capacity Building, Philanthropy, Voluntarism & Grantmaking Foundations