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How do places become a part of us? I’ve been moving constantly since I was a child. When I was 19, I went to a different country for college. I believe each place I’ve lived preserves a fragment of me. At the same time, I’m shaped by these places, including its culture, its environment, and people, like how an apple is shaped by the jar in those eccentric experiments attempting to grow cubic apples by putting them in jars. Those places are stored in my memory and gradually become a part of my identity. I give new meaning to them. When I move forward, I carry my memory of those places with me. On the way, they collide and merge with each other, while distorted by the message I’m newly informed. I’d like to explore more about how people interact with space. I’d like to develop my project by making a personal landscape in the form of three-dimensional photo collage. Such art form breaks the boundary between photos and objects, while it extends the space of photos and merges them with real space. I hope my work could be more interactive if I’m going to explore the subject as intangible as space. My reference would be artists who also work with photo installations or photo collage. In that case, they would be, Melissa Zexter, Odette England, Doug Rickard and David Hockney.



Place, memory, photography, hometown, China, northeast China, sewing, petroleum, industry, embroidery, childhood, oil rigs