Start up Social Media


During my internship, I worked for a start-up PR firm called Evil Genius Group, located in Manhattan. It was lead by Victor Cipolla, a man who had vast experience working for other firms before deciding to branch off and start his own. When I began, the firm had just turned one year old, but it already had an impressive amount of clients. I soon learned that when Vic warned me that there was no such thing as “an average day in the PR world,” he was being quite genuine. Every time I stepped into the office, I had no idea what kind of task lay ahead of me. I might be making phone calls, searching for event sponsors, sitting in on meetings, or running around New York searching for venues. My firm also worked for a variety of different clients; one week I was ghost writing posts for a Pilates blog, and the next I was overseeing the casting of male models for a fashion show. The work didn’t stop at the office either; due to different time zones and shifting social media trends, I had to keep a close eye on everything that was going on. Keeping one’s finger on the pulse of social media was essential to helping our clients gain a significant following. Overall, this internship helped me learn to think on my feet, and adapt to nearly any situation.