Agent, Editor, Author: Planning for a Future in Publishing


Ever wonder what happens to a book before it lands on an editor’s desk? Trisha spent her summer immersed in the New York City publishing scene through her work at InkWell Management, a literary agency with a client base ranging from Anthony Bourdain to Markus Zusak. This presentation will outline the role of literary agencies in the publishing landscape along with Trisha’s specific responsibilities at InkWell, explaining how her newfound knowledge of the industry and the respect that InkWell’s agents showed towards genre fiction worked in tandem to give her the confidence to plan for a future in writing romance and women’s fiction. Although her internship assured her that she would find fulfillment working as an agent or editor, it ultimately solidified that she has the passion and determination to make it as an author, and even more importantly, that she owes it to herself to try.