El Pacte Nacional per la Llengua: una exploración contemporánea de la función del catalán desde la perspectiva glotopolítica



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This thesis explores the process of El Pacte Nacional per la Llengua (henceforth: PNPL), a contemporary initiative in Catalonia, Spain by the Generalitat of Catalonia, its Department of Culture and its Secretariat for Language Policy, to improve the linguistic situation of Catalan, in terms of its use and the population’s competency. The PNPL, which was mandated by a 2021 resolution of the Catalonian Parliament, has sought to study the current linguistic situation through a sociolinguistic report, to inform both citizens and organizations of its findings and efforts, and to encourage widespread participation in the process. Besides justifying a glottopolitical study of the PNPL, describing the process, documenting the materials it has produced, and contextualizing it historically, this thesis addresses the way in which the sociolinguistic report talks about language, drawing on Riera Gil (2013) and Woolard (2016 & 2018) to consider the PNPL alongside the concept of common language and the ideology of linguistic anonymity. The thesis ends with a consideration of how the sociolinguistic report views the juridical framework which pertains to Catalan, dialoguing with the overarching perspective of this thesis, glottopolitics, as well as theories regarding language rights.



Glottopolitics, Linguistic Rights, Catalonia, Spain, Language Policy, Language Planning, glotopolítica, derechos lingüísticos, política lingüística, planificación lingüística, linguistic nationalism, nacionalismo lingüístico, El Pacte Nacional per la Llengua, Linguistic anonymity, El Pacto Nacional por la Lengua, The National Agreement for Language