REIMAGINING LOVE: Understanding Black Mothers and their modes of mothering from fearful to wayaward



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‬This thesis will Reconceptualize Black Motherhood through African American‭ Literature. Explicitly using the novels‬‭ Sula, The‬‭ Bluest Eye,‬‭ and‬‭ The Street.‬‭ Through these‬ three novels, there can be a new understanding of motherhood, that motherhood is not‬ categorical and that a categorical model of motherhood is paradoxical for Black Women. Instead‬ this thesis will offer a new way of understanding motherhood outside of the lens of good or bad‬‭ and will look at how the choices each mother makes within the novels. As well as what modes of‬ mothering is required for every mother to feel autonomous and free, a respect that is not‬‭ granted easily to Black Women or Black Mothers.‬



Black Women, Motherhood