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  • Mount Holyoke Afire! 1896,1917, 1922 

    Herbert, Robert L. (2018-05-01)
  • A Pictorial History of Mount Holyoke 1900-1935: Asa Kinney's View Camera Photographs 

    Herbert, Robert L. (2017-02-23)
    This monograph reproduces and discusses 142 photographs of Mount Holyoke College from 1900 to 1935 by Asa S. Kinney (1873-1961). He was teacher of plant science and landscape design from 1898 to 1939, whose passion was a ...
  • Planning for Data Curation in the Small Liberal Arts College Environment 

    Goldstein, Sarah; Oelker, Sarah (Sci-Tech News, 2011)
    Mount Holyoke College is in an unusual position among small colleges: as a top National Science Foundation (NSF) grant money recipient among liberal arts colleges, we also face the same responsibilities as larger institutions ...
  • The Recovered History of Prospect Hill, 1879-1920: Goodnow Park, the Pepper Box and Lake Nonotuck 

    Herbert, Robert L. (2016-08-11)
    Goodnow Park, Lake Nonotuck, and the Pepper Box: These were once familiar places at Mount Holyoke College, but they have been utterly lost. Only one of the three, the Pepper Box, has literally disappeared, torn down in ...
  • Roswell Field's Dinosaur Footprints, 1854-1880 

    Herbert, Robert L. (2013-07-15)
    Roswell Field (1804-1882), a farmer of Gill, Massachusetts, supplied sandstone dinosaur tracks and fossil fish from the Connecticut River Valley to scientists, collectors, and institutions, from 1854 to 1880. Like his ...
  • The Two Careers of Henrietta Hooker (1851-1929) 

    Herbert, Robert L. (2019-04-19)
    Henrietta Edgecomb Hooker was one of several teachers of Mount Holyoke’s faculty who rose to prominence in the last quarter of the 19th century. Foremost among the teachers of science were Lydia Shattuck ’51 (1822-89), an ...
  • Williston Hall, 1876-1917 

    Herbert, Robert L. (2017-06-09)
    This short illustrated essay tells the story of Williston Hall, the first building constructed wholly outside the walls of the gigantic Seminary Hall. Opened in 1876, it housed art and the natural sciences. A gallery of ...