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  • Flesh and Mud: Bodily Deconstruction through Handmade Paper 

    Booker, Levi (2020-05-11)
    My art practice primarily utilizes handmade paper to create works that are both alluring and repulsive in the ways they represent the human body. As a transmasculine nonbinary artist, I am challenging representation that ...
  • Paper and Process 

    McTeigue, Mary Kate (2018-06-05)
    My art work is a personal exploration of motherhood and the domestic work involved in this role. The lack of value placed by society on mothers, in their roles as both caretakers and domestic workers, insidiously chips ...
  • What We Forget to See 

    Overmeyer, Jessica (2018-07-02)
    The world is constructed and built around structures that often go unnoticed. My research revolves around the elements that are the basis of our daily environment. Initially inspired by artists who combine science with the ...