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  • Halt at Om: Community Forming in the Yoga and Dressage Worlds 

    Brewster Bernhardt, Alana (2014-06-01)
    Sport and leisure play an important role in American society today. The mentality of work hard, play hard is both alive and well in spirit, through the pursuing of a hobby or sport. Many people recognize their distinctiveness ...
  • Metaethics: A Guide to Three Theories 

    Borgnis, Catherine (2016-06-30)
    Given the inherently complex nature of morality, it is often difficult to know which metaethical guide to follow. This project aims to pacify the debate and identify worthy metaethical theories. I begin by exploring three ...
  • Rationality and Moral Responsibility in Aesthetics 

    Gullen, Kathryn (2015-07-01)
    If I find aesthetic value in an image depicting violence, have I done something wrong? Am I at fault for finding the image aesthetically appealing? Is my enjoyment of this work immoral? These are the sort of questions this ...