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  • Blue Economy and Competing Discourses in International Oceans Governance 

    Jennifer J. Silver; Noella J. Gray; Lisa M. Campbell; Luke W. Fairbanks; Rebecca L. Gruby (Journal of Environment and Development, 2015)
    In this article, we track a relatively new term in global environmental governance: “blue economy.” Analyzing preparatory documentation and data collected at the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development (i.e., Rioþ20), ...
  • Gatekeepers and Keymasters: Dynamic Relationships of Access in Geographical Fieldwork 

    Lisa M. Campbell; Noella J. Gray; Zoe A. Meletis; James G. Abbott; Jennifer J. Silver (The Geographical Review, 2006)
    This article contributes to ii recent and growing body of literature exploring the nature of fieldwork in human geography. Specifically, we critically examine the role of gatekeepers in providing access to “the field,” ...
  • Oceans at Rio+20 

    Lisa M. Campbell; Noella J. Gray; Luke W. Fairbanks; Jennifer J. Silver; Rebecca L. Gruby (Conservation Letters, 2013)
    In this article, we examine oceans outcomes from the Third United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (or Rio+20) in relation to how ocean problems and solutions were defined and by whom. We highlight the extent ...